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add it to the pile

has anybody else seen the second Futurama movie? I'm currently 39 minutes and 35 seconds into it, but I thought I'd share this icon I made :D


That scene was an icon just waiting to happen :D


I'm going to tag my posts from now on, and on the weekend I intend to tag all of my older posts. I don't think it would really be helpful to anybody, but comment if you think it would be. :)


I couldn't get to sleep the other night, so I just laid (correct word to use there? perhaps not) there for 3+ hours. I seemed to have an incredibly ingenious idea every half hour. Two of them were other ideas for communities I now intend to create.

1. close_crop - have you ever cropped an icon or a moodtheme picture or anything else and thought to yourself "well, I can see it because I made it, but can anybody else tell what this is?".
Well if the answer is yes, then this will be the community for you!

People will post their obscurely icon/whatever and the fandom it's from plus two random others. People will then respond to that post (screened) with which of the three fandoms they watch and what they think the picture is, or if they can even tell what it is at all. The three fandom thing is to check whether they can't see it because it's cropped too obscurely, or if it's just because they haven't seen the show.

2. icon_psd and wall_psd - People post their .psds from the walls/icons they make. It's really very simple. I find that looking at somebody else's .psd tells you a lot about that person and their style. The methods to their madness so to speak.

Now I just need layouts for them...
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