Josh (blueymcphluey) wrote,

nooo! I need to stop!

Okay, so... I've just made another icontest community (because apparently I'm really discontent with the ones already out there?) that is also unlikely to leave the ground, but at least I'll try. My goal is -when they're finally set up- to manually invite a lot of the awesome iconmakers I love to join :D

And yes, that means you drankmywar and miz_thang88 ! I'm gonna be inviting you to a lot of icontests and you'd better join and participate... or else. I don't know what 'or else', but non-violence got me nowhere with getcreative  so I figure it's time for a change :P

I almost forgot to tell you what I made. Uh, yeah... so... it's gonna be a Dollhouse icontest community. I'm trying to jump the Dollhouse rush and get myself the best username ever while it's still avilable. And yeah, check it out! I did!

active_echo  active_echo  active_echo 

oh, and a big thanks to sparkling_gold for her assistance with finding the perfect name :D


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Another wall I made a while ago. There are a little bits I'd like to iron out, but I just don't have enough energy at the moment. I slept for like 5 hours last night. Let's put that in perspective, shall we? Usually I sleep about... 12 hours?
Tags: antm, comms, dollhouse, drankmywar, getcreative, miz_thang88, sparkling_gold, walls

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