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Okay, so for those of you who don't have elli friended, she just posted a link to ffffound... I am completely obsessed. I have seriously not stopped looking at that site since she posted the link. I'm opening tab after tab and getting more inspired to make... something. But what?

Good news; I just realised what. Layouts.
Long time readers of my lj (yes, all two of you... neither of whom comment *angryface*) will know that I have been intending to make about a million icontest communities, all of which I have to design layouts for. None of which I have began. So hopefully me finding this link, getting inspired and designing layouts of awesome communities will lead the way into a awesome new lj world full of fray, boston legal and battling.

Oh, and just for the reference I think I opened approximately 1000 tabs on ffffound, 90% of which were awesome.


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I made this wall a long time ago, when I first discovered my fun new colouring technique.

I love it. It's incredibly simple, but the colouring kills me every time.

I'm a little sad that my techniques have evolved in a way that I actually can't actually get the same effect. It's similar, but when I try to colour this picture again it's worse than this. I think my techniques are "evolving" in the wrong direction...
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