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30 May 2008 @ 03:31 am
birthday madness  
Yes, the day has come. I have been devirginised to the world of alcohol and clubbing! The night began with a little Flight of the Conchords... it continued with going to a bar and drinking some... 'peculiar' drinks. Then, somehow, my friends convinced me that going to a club would be a fun thing. Good thing it WAS!

Oh, I had such a good time. I honestly had no idea that being around real people in the real world could be so fun :P Up until now all of my delights have been in the world of lj, msn and celebutopia but now... gah, I just wanna go out and get another twenty shots of 'cowboys' :D

But I honestly don't think I'm entirely drunk... I think I'm on the verge of it. Yes, I'm woozy (it feels like I'm constantly on a boat) and yes, I'm happy... but I'm not at that crazy state quite yet. Although, perhaps I'm not capable of reaching that state? I really don't think I am. It seemed like no matter how much I drunk I was still thinking far too over-analytically about the world around me.

Oh, and keep in mind... I have held out until this point. Until the age of eighteen and four days, I was 100% alchol-free.

So... yeah... a very interesting night...

PS. apologies to those people who friended me because of my art, I haven't made anything new since my last post :P