Josh (blueymcphluey) wrote,


Hey all, 'tis my birthday in five minutes and it's been a crazy crazy day.

My day technically began the night before, because I stayed up late watching Sabrina and listening to Hamish and Andy. But then today began with me being woken up early and given the guts of a new computer (whilst still keeping my awesome computer shell) 2Gb RAM, a new 600Gb HDD, a dual processor somethingoranother and a new motherboard. Huzzah! Also some little gingerbread men which I then ate for breakfast whilst watching the season premiere of sytycd season 4. We then went out to get two new office chairs, and we were assisted by someone who looked like a mouse crossed with Dominic of sytycd season 3. Then I had birthday stuffs with grandma, then we moved off to have dinner with Clare's family, had cheesecake for dessert at her parents house and played cheat there. Next I came home to mums house, only to find out that she wasn't going to be doing anything for my birthday this year... great... not only that but my new computer is acting up so much I'm quickly filling up a notebook with flaws I need dad to fix tomorrow.

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