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22 May 2008 @ 11:19 am
yay, I love signing up to elite communities. You always (as far as I've known, at least) get showered with praise, which is awesome. :D

I say this because I signed up to elite_bsg . Little did I know that it was an icon community, not an icontest community. *headdesk*
Oh well, it's still gonna be fun to be showered with elite bsg icons :)


A post made recently at [info]glassballerina reminded me of something I've been wanting to do a long time: exactly what nightcomes and toxxxicgurl did.
So... anyone want to have a fun little icon battle with me? Maybe even a wallpaper battle? Either one is fine, I just love the concept of it. :D

I love the concept of the battling so much that I am thinking of making a battling community, perhaps (*adds it to the list, which I swear will get done eventually*). I have absolutely no idea how it would work, because it'd be like a twisted version of an icontest. An informal version, I guess... I'm not sure... *ponders*


I made this a while ago, because I'm completely in love with her face, but I started using it as a wallpaper after I saw her in penultimate episode of House season 4.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

To be honest I don't love it, I think it works much better as the thumbnail.


Oh, and moodtheme-wise, I'm now trying to find the scene that best portrays 'impressed'. Remember, it can be from (almost) any fandom.
Current Mood: coldcold