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OH MY GOD! I love this time of year!

I just finished The Office finale, and can I say... WOW!! That was so incredible! I have to admit, season 4 hasn't been rocking my socks, but that finale was SO amazing!

SYTYCD season 4 begins next week! Huzzah!

And yay, now I'm off to watch the season finale of Supernatural. Will Dean kill whatsherface and weasle his way out of the deal? Will he die and be sent to hell, only to have Sam come and save him? Will he die and be sent to somewhere else that isn't hell? Will he find a loophole I haven't thought of? Well, I'm about to find out.

Oh, and on top of all of this, newly released the Dollhouse promos and trailers? I don't think I can handle it all. I've totally got an awesome overload, and I'm loving every second :D

Here's a Dollhouse wall I made out of the new promo. :D

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In other news I'm going to make a Jossverse comics icontest community. I have a couple of names set up, but I really want it to be called '_badday', because of the Fray quote, but that's already taken.

Also, can you comment if you would enter when I set it up?
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