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I'm ugly!

oh no! Check it out guys, my icons have been put up at ugly_icons. Honestly, I'm a little more insulted that 50% keep on thinking I'm a girl. I'm really surprised at how many of the comments were actually compliments. Also that some knew of me! Wow! I didn't know anyone knew of me. How come on nobody comments on my posts, then :(

So overall, I think being nominated there was... a good thing? It's not often you hear people talk openly about your icons, positively or negatively. Usually there's just a "thanks", if anything at all.

What I liked best was that there were people who'd say something like "I usually like [his] icons, but these are way over the top". That shows to me, that they usually understand what I was going for with my icons, but in this case I was doing the wrong thing. You know, like... it wasn't them having bad taste, but rather me having bad taste. And now I know not to do that again. Huzzah!


I made this for my brother's computer.

Free Image Hosting at

I'm pretty happy with it, it's much better than the dodgey Zach Braff wall I made him for Christmas. I only wish that her right cheek matched tone-wise with her left cheek a little more and I'd done something interesting with textures or something...
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