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I would say this is a rather ZOMG moment

Okay, so I've gone from a simple basic lj account on Monday to a paid account with 100 icon slots on Thursday.

:o oh my god, harbourlight bought me 70 more icon slots! How awesome! What a broad, eh? Not only that, but she's been helping me with my moodtheme. Oh, and can I just say... dayum! Why are there so many moods? I don't know about you, but I know that personally I only experience about 5 of them.

Speaking of which, can anybody think of a good scene that best represents 'okay'? For 'blah' I've got Hermes on Futurama with a brainslug attached to his head. Come on, that scene practically screams blah. Now, I need your help looking for a scene that practically screams 'okay'.

Check out this awesome new The Inside icon I made :D Photobucket
Tags: harbourlight, icons, moodtheme, the inside

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