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oh wow, guys. go download phun right now.

and if you need proof that it's awesome, check this out

*plays* :D


In other news, I put my pants in the wash with all of my regular pocket-ey stuff in them. That means my notebook will be mashed to shreds, my mobile is gonna be broken, the pen will leak ink onto all of my very very white clothes for work and... my keys will be wet. Luckily the most expensive thing I usually keep in my pockets wasn't in them: my mp3. It's pretty tragic, especially because we can't stop the machine from running to take the phone and notebook out to see if they're alright, because it's not designed to open once it has started :(

UPDATE: Through much careful excavation I managed to retrieve my notebook. The pen didn't leak, surprise surprise. I actually left my keys in my other pants :P
Oh, and my mobile is comepletely sopping but we realised that so was my brothers when he put it through the wash and several months later it's perfectly fine. All in all... no physical harm whatsoever, but a little emotional trauma. Nothing a little Phun won't fix :)


In some more other news... I'm pimping my new paid account with new icons! Yay! So I made a list of 30 dot points and I am now going to make the best icon I can of my absolute favourite scene from all of the shows :)

The list is in no particular order and if you see a -, that means I haven't made the best icon ever of that fandom yet :)

-5.Gilmore Girls
-6.Tru Calling
-8.Studio 60
9.The Inside
-10.The Office
-11.30 Rock
-12.American Dad
14.Boston Legal
-19.Doctor Who
-20.Flight of the Conchords
-23.How I Met Your Mother
-24.So You Think You Can Dance
-26.Prison Break

I still haven't gotten around to designing a (new) layout for any of the ljs I said I was going to... instead I've been doing something much more productive: making a moodtheme. I'm not being fandomspecific, I'm just going to find the absolute best scene ever to represent each emotion. Of course, I'm only doing shows I've seen, so basically Alias is the only show I'm not doing :P

Can you try and help me with the moods I haven't done yet? Oh, and by the way, this is something I'm gonna ask regularly cos there are many many moods one can have, so keep your brains on mood-alert!

accomplished - Hiro in pilot "yatta"
aggravated - Bre angry shoot
amused - Robin listening to hilarity (particularly in Chain of Screaming)
angry - willow with the black eyes
annoyed - Nic angry shoot
anxious - The Sarah Connor Chronicles
apathetic - Janice looking plasticly emotionless
artistic - My Name Is Earl when he's all play-doughey
awake - Six waking up in Downloaded

bitchy - dionne vs. renee
blah - hermes + brainslug
blank - facewiped Rose
bored - Jim/Pam in boring Office seminar
bouncy - Ross jumping up and down with Phoebe and Rachel cos they're distracting him from Mandlerage behind them.
busy - Gabrielle mowing lawn in pilot

calm - boston legal two guys spaing
cheerful - Fired Sookie in S3 finale
chipper -
cold - River in Objects in Space
complacent -
confused - river with the ball on a piece of string on a stick
contemplative - Sam on SN, thinking about stuff in Phanton Traveler
content -
cranky -
crappy -
crazy - River
creative - Peter glazed over because he's about to paint awesomeness in Heroes
crushed -
curious -
cynical -

determined -
devious -
drained - X3 human Mystique

energetic -

But more importantly, here are the five I've I've actually made so far!

angry - Photobucket

awake - Photobucket

confused - Photobucket

determined - Photobucket

contemplative - Photobucket
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