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*wins* :D

Hey, check this out! I won 3rd place out of about 100 entries, a lot of which I preferred over mine! That's awesome :D

I'm mostly excited, cos I don't really like my entries anymore. I've developed an awesome new iconing style that crushes all of my old ones. :D


Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket


In other news... go watch Boston Legal! It rules so much and I need other people to obsess with! I made bostonlegalicon because I can't find any boston legal icon communities on livejournal, how sad is that. And I want it to be an equally as accepted fandom as Supernatural or Lost. It really deserves to be, it's amazing.

Okay, and yes, for now the layout sucks, but I'll hopefully try and get something better up by tonight. :)
Tags: boston legal, comms, icons, icontests

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