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I made icons, I swear

I repepeat the eternal question I seem to have. How can I upload pictures simply without going to Photobucket and then an insane asylum? (I would go to the insane asylum because I would go insane because from all the copying and pasting of uploaded picture codes)

This got resized, sorry! As you can see, I went a little overboard with the texturing...

Check out Rachel Nichol's eye. THAT is what me discovering the thrilling new Smart Sharpen function on PS CS2 looks like. Great, ain't it? Unless you've got a stupid flat screen like what we just got. That makes all pictures look terrible... oh well, it's flat!
If you've seen The Inside, then you may realise how oddly symbolic this wallpaper is of the show. It's got the bloodyness but also the suits and... mmm... symbolism and themes...

And an alternate version of the same picture, but with slightly different layer combinations.

And I say again, in hope that somebody out there is listening to me, is there a way to upload pictures that won't deplete my mental health?
Tags: heroes, the inside, walls

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