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Good news guys, I've broken my rut!

After submitting that horrible horrible icon to icon_crack  I submitted an absolutely incredible icon to firefly_rumble . (and what's the bet they won't vote for it :P)

"Wow, how the heck did that happen" you ask. Well, the answer is simple. As far as I'm concerned, the trick to true iconing is to not get stuck in a rut. I had been doing a very very boring routine for every icon I made and that led to boring icons. I broke that, tried something new and different and it turned out amazingly. Seriously guys, go check out the submissions at the next firefly_rumble  voting thing.


Work at Bakers Delight is continuously awesome, but my legs are getting really sore. :P


I'm up to the latest episode of Supernatural 'Jus In Bello'. I'm really very impressed with this season. Very very impressed. I just wanna see more Ruby :D

Also I'd like to see a couple of their previously proposed ideas get expanded on. For example the concept that Sam can control people and stuff. We saw whatsherface get the power to do that last season... why isn't he even trying to get abilies? Also, why aren't there a million more demons than ever before? Did opening the door to hell do nothing?

I think that the writers are focusing a little too much on Dean's one year to live and not enough on their other storylines.


Wanna submit a couple of icons to just__buffy ? The winners won't be revealed until they get some more submissions and I really liked my icons so I feel like I've got a good chance. :P


I promised to always post some form of art with every post I make here and I've been laying off on the wallpapering and iconing lately, so here's a texture I made! :D

Free Image Hosting at

I'm really happy with it. it was easy to make and it makes pictures look better when set to soft light. Exactly what a texture should be :)
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