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no sleep... have gone insane...

My scanner is back up and I've scanned things, but we've run out of downloads for the month so it'll take about five hours for me to upload textures and stuff... oh well... I'll do it at dads house soon enough.


In the mean time, my obsession for antm has gone completely out of control. I've been up all night rewatching the episodes of cycle 10 we've had so far, reading the recaps on TWoP, making icons and wallpapers and I just discovered that celebutopia has all of the cycle 10 photoshoots in higher quality than I had. I mean, I knew some of them were up, but I missed a couple. So... *takes* :D

I'm loving this season so much more than 9, which was horrible. The people and the photoshoots this cycle are just... wow. I'm so glad that 9 was just a dud cycle and that as a whole antm is brilliant. I suspected that it would all just be downhill from there, but no :D

My opinions of the remaining contestants are this...

Anya- Ah, she's brilliant. I love her accent SO much. She needs to talk more :P She has taken some of my favourite pictures so far. I don't think she'll win though.

Dominique- She reminds me a LOT of cycle 6 Jade. All of the problems I had with Jade I now have with Dominique, except I liked Jade for some reason... I mean, I don't hate Dominique, but in my mind Jade is her competition and Jade is winning. I get a feeling, like Jade she will also be in the top 3 and get kicked out with a bronze.

Fatima- I'm really wishy washy when it comes to Fatima. Some times I can't stand her, other times I'm totally on her side. I think I identify a lot of myself in her, which I think annoys me a little :P Her homeless and smooshy water shoots were absolutely amazing though. Soo... rather wishy washy...

Katarzyna- She's like a big bucket of sexy, which you've got to love. She rocked the paint shoot, which is potentially my favourite picture of the cycle. And her grunge/emo picture was amazing. I wish they didn't cut her hair though. it looked good in that one picture... not so much all the time. I honestly can't see her at all in her latest picture. For some reason whenever I look at it, I see Aimee. Also her walk rules, I think she's gonna be in the final two :D

Lauren- Gah, she's brilliant. Again, she's taken some of my favourite pictures. Her underwear shoot... brilliant. Her meat shoot... amazing. I've got to say I was really disappointed with the watery shoot. I really expected her to blow everybody out of the park, but instead she just... was weird... I think she's gonna leave next week or the week after. Oh, and also she looks like a girl I work with :D

Stacy-Ann- I haven't really gotten a firm grasp on Stacy-Ann, which bugs me. I think she's kind of alright, but her pictures seem rather average... I'm not sure. I think she'll either leave next week or the week after.

Whitney- Cor, I love everything about Whitney. She looks really good, she's got a pretty alright walk, she stands up for the people I want her to, she's funny. Her pictures are rocking. I don't love that thing she does with her mouth in every... single... picture, though. Other than that, I think she'll be in the top two.

And my opinions on our photoshoots so far...

Homeless- Wow, everybody did really really well. Except the boring people who got kicked off early on, but I don't count them because they're boring. Katarzyna wins best picture this week.

Underwear- They've got some pretty wacky underwear to be wearing, but I really like the sky background and the sun on Anya and Lauren's pictures. I don't know how she managed to get such an unbelievably incredible shot, but Marvita definitely wins this week.

Meat- I really love the colouring effects they've added in in photoshopping, what with the purples and all. Brilliant. It's funny because about the time this episode aired I was watching Janice Dickinson protesting for PETA. Talk about contrasts :P
Claire wins bets picture for this week.

Paint- Not the best... Everybody's lips are crunchy and I really don't like the colour schemes they've chosen for the paints. The colours are just clashing and making me blind on most of them. Most of them, that is, except Katarzyna. Hoorah for her picture! Oh, and there is no way Marvita should've been booted for THAT. Marvita's is a million times better than Aimee's.

Music- Rather an awkward week for me. The photos are a little all over the place, which bugs me. It's harder to compare them all than it was in say, the meat shoot for example. Lauren's picture is incredibly memorable, but I'd say Whitney wins this week for me, closely followed by Katarzyna. But there's no award for second prize.

Water- Oh lordy, this was just one big mess this week, wasn't it. I felt mostly that everybody flailed around aimlessly and the few people that did well did by accident... so... yeah... but the pictures as a whole look amazing. If you ignore the modelling part of the pictures... wow. I would like to say Whitney did the best, because I don't really like Fatima, but her picture was about a million times better than the others put together.

I'm gonna post with updated versions of the wallpapers I made tomorrow. I'm pretty sure my eyes aren't functioning properly due to the lack of sleep :P


I was hired at Bakers Delight and my first official shift there begins at 7:00 tomorrow morning.... NOOOO!!


I've got a dermatologist appointment for Tuesday, so hopefully soon I won't have to Photoshop my skin, maybe?
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