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they match

Hey, just thought I'd post this new wallpaper I made that goes along with this new icon I made.

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I'm especially happy with how the wallpaper turned out, because I used a lot of my colour textures I made recently.

Wait a second, what's that I hear? I haven't actually told you about the colour textures I've been making recently, you say? Well, here's the story: I found an awesome tutorial that taught me how to make colour textures... and I followed it. I'm really very happy with my outcomes so far. And I'll be sure to post them soon enough. :D


My scanner is down so I can't scan awesome some awesome wrapping papers I found and my response to jj's meme thing :(


STILL have yet to hear back from the Bakers Delight guys to see if I got the job or not. I'm gonna try calling them again this morning.
Tags: antm, walls, work

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