September 13th, 2011

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5. A few months ago I discovered and it was love at first sight. Honestly, it's not uncommon for me to be squeaming violently with delight every time I visit the site (even if it is in a public space...) And now I've tried to narrow it down to my top favourites and that ended up being 133 (and therefore in need of its own separate post) soo... Collapse )
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1. So just a bit of a life update - I'm very much settled in Sydney now. I've got a teeny little apartment in a REALLY nice neighborhood (but it's okay, I don't need much space, I've still got room to spare even!) I'm not sharing which is AWESOME! Seriously, not having to deal with living with other people is SO WORTH THE MONEY YOU GUYS! I have an entire fridge all to myself!!! and there's no chance of somebody else using up all the hot water! Nobody else can use up all of the internet bandwidth! And nobody complains if I don't do the dishes right away! Everything is just the way I want it 100% of the time, it's so amazing!

And it's kind of funny because I've sort of turned my life into a "best of" from all of the other periods of my life. I was probably at my happiest during my gap year when I was working at the bakery and doing graphics on the side, except this time I'm working at a much more prestigious bakery with much nicer people and better food/hours/etc. And instead of just working on icons, I've got two years of photographic training behind me! HOORAY!

Also I'm not sure if you all remember but I set myself a new years resolution last year to make a graphic a day and it just increased my productivity and creativity tenfold (but then life stuff happened and it had to be stopped) but now I've picked that up again and as I've said before, I cannot recommend you do this enough! Everything just comes so much more naturally and you feel productive just constantly creating, and you know you're never going to fall into that "oh, I'll just do some tomorrow" mentality, it's fantastic!

I'm skyping with family and friends so I don't really feel out of touch with them. Because Skype is amazingly fast these days it really is as if I'm just sitting down and having a regular conversation with them.

All in all, life just keeps on taking leaps and bounds towards my fantasy life.

2. So long story short, I did a photoshoot in January for a friend of mine who works for a phone company and in exchange he could get me a two year prepaid phone contract with any phone I want (and a new lens!) I decided on the iPhone and since I've become dependent on it for almost everything (I honestly can't promote it enough, I love mine so much) so I thought I'd share with you Collapse )

3. This is a segment for me to post pictures of attractive slightly older people. For a long time I've felt that 21 was the height of beauty and then it's only downhill from there (or 'here' as the case may be for me) but these people give me hope for the future

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