April 28th, 2011

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Hey folks, so I'm kind of around... I said I'd return and I have but I've just been so busy these past weeks with wrapping up my entire life so I can move to Sydney!! I thought I'd make one last post from Adelaide and I've got this half-written thing with some new photos and movie thoughts but I guess that can be my first post there and with some new city thoughts!

It's a pretty big move for me, I'm going entirely on my own steam and all alone so that's actually rather terrifying but I have ambitions and this is what must be done. And I've been living out of home so far for this year and I've come to learn that I'm actually very good at surviving independantly, it's just that whole 'being away from everyone I've ever known' thing that's throwing me a bit. But it's an adventure and I'll talk to you all when I'm there!

PS I possibly love Bastiaan Van Gaalen goodbye.