March 31st, 2010

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1. Okay, I am loving Caprica. At first it just seemed like another fun source of Bear McCreary music but Jane Espenson has won me over yet again with her ingenuity. I'm really intrigued by the idea of the V-World and the infinite possbilities it opens the show up to and I particularly like the way the show views sexuality. Having gay relationships becoming commonplace and polygamic relationships being somewhat -yet not entirely- socially accepted; it's interesting to see a world that's essentially a step ahead of us.

I also like how mature it is. Similarly to BSG it deals with serious issues like terrorism and suicide and also a lot of the characters are in their 40's and have very different, much more mature conversations than what they would have on other shows. On this note, Alessandra Torresani really concerns me as a lead actress because I don't think she's nearly strong enough to handle how heavy the show is. I'm still infatuated with Magda Apanowicz from her stint on Kyle XY and unlike Alessandra she has a maturity about her that defies her age.

So yeah, only nine episodes in and I'm loving Caprica a LOT more than I ever did BSG.

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