February 13th, 2010

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taking a break from the noughties spam to bring you...

1. I'm doing a big marathon Lost right now (my plan is to continue the marathon right up until season 6, so that's it's all just one big story and I don't have to wait every week for the last few episodes) and I'll tell you what, it's so much better than I remember it being! I mean, I remember being impressed but the level of scriptwriting brilliance that goes into this show (in the first two seasons at least, I'm only up to 2x19 so far) is outstanding! Everything is so psychological and underhanded and the structure of the seasons is flawless with all of the right stories being told at the right times, with the perfect amount of foreshadowing and aftermath. I also think it's safe to say that they've really mastered the flashback B-story; it's always carefully interwoven with the A-story and there are always with repercussions and rarely just a story for story's sake. I can see why I would get frustrated if I had to wait a week for each episode because in the short-term there is very little major arc development, but I think the short-term payoffs are worth that.
Now on a much more shallow note - WOW veryone is really sexy in the earlier seasons! And good lord the lighting in the hatch is rocking my world right now.

All in all, I can still understand why I'd listed this show so low on my 'favourite shows list' for so long, but now I think it was undeserved.

2. I'm setting up a graphic journal so people don't have to friend me to see what I make. I'm going to continue posting all of the same things here with my thoughts on them (sidenote: I'm actually going to try and bump this up a knotch and be even more analytical because I realised being aware of the details your work is how you improve) but every now and again I'll update the graphic journal with all of my recent work, like for archival purposes :D

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