December 7th, 2009

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1. I'm insanely hooked on Legend of the Seeker this season, it's incredible how much it's improved since season 1. I think the addition of Cara was excactly what they needed; she's so sexy (right on par with Richard and Kahlen) and provides some really exciting tension in the group along with a much-needed immoral point of view. The writing feels like it's been kicked up a knotch; in season 1 I drifted off to sleep every other minute but I can't keep myself away from these latest batch of episodes. The stories are progressing a lot faster and it feels like they've removed all of the boring characters and plot devises and replaced them with significantly more interesting ones. Also this is still Legend of the Seeker so it should go without saying but aesthetically it's flawless; definitely my prime photographic inspiration right now. (Now lovers of pretty things, I'm looking at you; this show will make you cry yourself to sleep with glee)

2. Another show that should definitely be on your watch list this season: Dexter. Season 3 was a bit dry but 4 is bringing it like you wouln't believe. The plot twists continue to keep coming and knocking me square off my seat. Also I can't remember season 1 and 2 very well, but it's been really creepy, which I think is fun and appropriate given it's the story of a serial killer. :D

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5. Okay, I have seven Google Wave invites so roll up, roll up and I'll send you one! :D