November 23rd, 2009

fashion ; abrath

six solid hours of social activity is way too much for me, five hours later and I'm still exhausted

1. So this latest season of antm has been brilliant, I'm really liking the direction they're going, especially in regards to how they're putting the effort in to becoming a legitemate modelling competition again! They now have guest judges who are actually significant people in the world of fashion (Chanel Iman this cycle and next cycle they're going to have a permanent judge who is/was a Vogue editor), they're elimentating the right girls (the ones who did badly in photoshoots over the ones who aren't making drama) and they're actually giving really helpful critiques!
However, above all of this... Nicole. Talk about the best winner they've ever had. Flawless head to toe, amazing personality, she really had it and I hope that she doesn't fade off into the sunset like 99% of the girls who came before her.

2. I finished tafe for the year! It's been so crazy recently, I didn't even know how much stress I was under until I woke up yesterday morning and breathed a sigh of relief for the first time in about 8 months XD
Anyway, I've got a week left of feeling like this before I start at my new job! It's at Santa's Cave and I'm going to be a photographer (or elf? I must admit I'm not entirely sure) so it'll be a lot of getting little kids to smile when they don't want to, which I see as good training for getting emotions out of people that they don't want to give as a fashion photographer.

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5. Now finally, can somebody help me find (preferably HQ) caps for Get Smart? I have no doubt they exist but I have no idea where to begin looking, usually I just make my own... :/

For helping me, I offer up a referral to this hilarious failblog_rss spinoff: odlyspecific
For those of you who won't help me, you're hereby banned from any and all failblog associates and affiliates. Nah, I'm just joshin' ya, I don't have nearly that much internet pull. But... just help me, ok