April 15th, 2009

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1. Aw, poo. T:TSCC was cancelled :(
Oh well, at least it ended on a fairly epic high *goes off to rewatch the awesome scene in 2x14 in which Weaver kills a whole bunch o' people and then blows up the warehouse*

2. Perhaps to apologise for cancelling several of my shows recently, the universe has given me a present. A present of Leverage, which I shall go on the record as saying is the best show ever. Well... okay, technically I've only seen seven episodes, but they're certainly the best first seven episodes of any show I've ever seen!
It's incredibly well written; the plots are character driven, there are loads of plot twists, it's always very hilarious and intriguing, all of the characters are very well developed and surpringly ALL of them have brains. The one thing it's missing is some sexy male cast (some people have a thing for Christian Kane, but dunno, I really don't see it :/). Luckily Gina Bellman and Beth Riesgraf are amazing enough to make up for it ♥

3. Maybe it's because I just discovered fourfour, but I'm feeling the itch to use animated gifs on a daily basis. Collapse )

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