March 2nd, 2009

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1. I've been pretty indifferent towards the first two episodes, but Dollhouse actually impressed me this week! I'm particularly keen on the last 5 minutes or so, in which we see that Echo is able remember that she was friends with Sienna in her blank form and then later when the two of them are walking down the corridor Echo signals that it's not safe for them to talk. It's almost as if when they're "blank", they're not. Like they're all pretending to be empty. That's really awesome :P
Despite my inital reaction of utter hatred, I've actually grown to love the beginning credits a lot.
Oh and hey, has anybody else noticed that all of the character names are parts of the phonetic alphabet? My brother noticed that yesterday and I think it's pretty hilarious :P I can't wait for 'Golf' and 'Hotel' to show up as Echo's new friends in season 2.

2. Mum's boyfriend of approx. four years moved about a week ago. It's pretty good because he's keen on cooking and he's able to convince mum to clean up the mess she leaves all over the house, which I've been trying to do for years :P

3. According to the Orthodontist I went an saw today; I've finished growing, I'm going to have to have two teeth (on the bottom row) pulled out and braces are going to be put in :/

4. I installed this vista customisation pack and it's turned out to be pretty awesome! :D
Weirdly I installed it on my brothers computer and it has some sounds that mine doesn't have, but his didn't come with any snazzy graphics :/

6. Photobucket I think this is great! I don't think it's as good as the other Paige icon I made with a similar style, but it's better than a lot of the icons I've made recently. When looking through caps I was really surprised there were so few scenes of the gals wearing these getups.

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