February 11th, 2009

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1. haha, check out these hilariously absurd ads I saw at ew.com. So I can both clutch the magazine and read it anywhere? WOW!

2. lol, a slightly graphic picspam. Yeah, I know what they mean, but still... hilarity! :P

3. School has been awesome. Somewhat different from the first day, but still awesome. I'll give a full update in about a week when things have had a chance to settle, unless anybody happens to want to know anything specific now.

4. Bakers Delight didn't give me any shifts this week. I presume it's because they know I've started at TAFE and they're waiting to find out when I can work, but still it's a bit weird :/

5. I had a really scary nightmare last night. lice had finally managed to be on MSN at the same time as me (sidenote: people!! Add me on MSN, I get bored and never have anybody to talk to! I'm countless_junes@live.com.au). And I was all "hey, what's up" and his response was "you're ugly, you talk too much and you like ugly betty too much. kthnxbai" NOOO!!
Now you know what? I think that says a lot about my psychology. I'm always worried about what people think of me and the fact that that couldn't have just been left as a comment here on my lj says something too. I'm not completely sure what, but something about the directness of it was particularly scary. And lets not forget the abbreviation of numerous words at the end :P

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