January 4th, 2009

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ladies and... well... ladies, we have a new doctor!

It's been announced! Matt Smith is going to be the 11th Doctor and I honestly couldn't be more thrilled! There have been a few complaints that he's too young (psh, I'll complain when the Doctors under drinking age) and too ugly (ARE YOU KIDDING ME? THEY'RE SURELY BLIND!) but I think he's going to be the best doctor yet :D

So be sure to check out this very awesome picture of him and the massively more awesome interview of him re: the revelation he's the doctor. He's so cool with his gestures and his accent and his everything :D Side note: he reminds me of Mr. Pattinson. I think it's the hair.

To be totally honest, I've never been a fan of 10 and we barely even got a chance to see 9 so I'm thinking 11 will be my doctor <3 This coupled with the fact that Steven Moffat is the new head writer is going to make season 5 un-flippin'-believable! Aargh, why can't it be 2010 already!

And now, if you'll excuse me, wikipedia (and not IMDB for some reason :/) has just informed me that he was in an episode of Boston Legal so I must go watch that right now!

edit: okay, well wikipedia was wrong, that's why it wasn't on IMDB. Lets see if it was right about The Secret Diary of a Call Girl :D
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