December 15th, 2008

fashion ; abrath

i keep trying to tell you, I genuinely wanted circus tickets

1. okay, this is your absolute last chance to snag my 560.44 days of paid time and 321.23 days of extra userpics. If nobody else shows any interest, then nowordforit will get the paid time, because she's the only person to show any interest whatsoever and dana_chosenart will get the extra userpics, because (among other reasons) she lent me to 30 USD to get the permanent account.

2. harbourlight sent me a Christmas card! Thankyou so much! :D :D
I realised I was being a doof by not offering to send any out so chuck a PM my way with your address if you want one <3

3. I'm thinking about going friends only, and making an icon journal. I'll still discuss my icons here, but they'll be based over there for if anybody who isn't you wants to see them. All I need is a journal name/layout and hey, does anybody want to start up one together? We could be a fun group and do a acrobatica/colourwaveesque thing :D

4. Psh, stupid facial hair. I used to be able to manage a week without having to shave, but now I can't go more than a day without looking like a crazy homeless person :(

5. I watched P2 yesterday because Rachel Nichols is awesome. It really wasn't that scary considering it was supposed to be a scary movie. There was one cringe-worthy bit about 30 minutes in with a beating and various splattering organs, but other than that it was fine. It inspired me to re-watch The Inside again and something about the fact that Rachel Nichols chose to star in both of those says to me that she's a little bit dark, which I like. I watched an interview with her on youtube and she was HILARIOUS so I'm very possibly a little bit completely in love now.

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