December 3rd, 2008

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1. I really want to make a picspam for the latest challenge at picspammy, but people keep on doing who I was going to do so it doesn't really feel like I need to. :/

2. I GOT PEGGLE ON MY PHONE! It is sooo awesome, just like the real version of the game. All of the physics are dead on, the only problem is that when you move your pointer often you can't see a graphic change in pointer location even though it's registered by the game, but that doesn't matter because Peggle rawks!

3. I'm getting a lot less hours at work because somebody came back from a really long holiday. I'm not sure if I'm annoyed or glad, because I definitely feel more relaxed. I was actually invited to the birthday part of one of my co-workers, which was weird because I don't really think we're that close. Anyway, it turned out to be really awkward because I am by my very nature unsocial and I didn't really know anybody there.

4. It's my brothers birthday today, we're going out to get yiros's (yuck and for the record I had no say in the matter) in about an hour.

5. I'm up to 1x14 of Alias and the last few episodes have left me underwhelmed. I'm worried that they used all of their good material at the beginning of the season to hook us in. Jennifer Garner looks extra awesome though.

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