September 2nd, 2008

fashion ; abrath

bad news

1. the internet isn't fixed. Or... it was and it's broken again? *sigh* I'm not sure, but it's killing me!! I need to be able to reply and tell you all my opinions on stuff :(

2. Hello to whenitsquiet who just friended me. Go check out her icons, because they're AWESOME. The way she uses light splodges makes everything so smooth and silky :D

I can't believe between the time that it takes me to post, somebody new has friended me. It's so awesome and confusing. :D

3. Collapse )

4. This weird thing has been happening lately, like everything that's going on now has happened before. It's like somebody has been scripting my life, for my whole life and they've finally run out of new story ideas, so they're just stealing ideas from previous seasons.

Like, for example, I had this medical thing a while back. It's a bit complex, incredibly embarassing and also very boring so I won't tell you anything about it, but I had to go into hospital about a year ago because of it. And... it's popped up again. Another example is that I used to talk to somebody a while back and now they've popped back into my life again. Another is that I'm watching old episodes of Gossip Girl and Chuck, but that's much less coincidental, because I'm psyching myself up for their new seasons.

There are other things, but anyway, I just figured I'd explain why I was 'nostalgic' last post.

5. I want someone to have a try at imitating my style for the challenge at icon_crack, but I don't think I'm popular enough for that yet :( I'm shocked more people haven't done prettybutt

6. Comment and tell me one non-interesting thing about your day today.

harbourlight did this in her most recent post, and I'm stealing this from her. I intend to ask you all to tell me tedious things about your days every post from now on :D