July 30th, 2008

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1. Hey, guess what? _rhea and mouthfullofdust friended me! For those of you who don't know (aka. harbourlight) these are two awesome iconmakers you most definitely need to check out! Hello _rhea and mouthfullofdust! :D

2. Hey, guess who? ... I saw on Burn Notice the other day! For those of you who have seen ANTM, it was Janet of cycle 9. Pretty random, eh? Anyway, I thought I should let the good people of topmodel know, which you can see here. Bad plan. The next morning I am bombarded by a million e-mails, with people informing me that "oh, it looks like her" as if I couldn't figure that out for myself. *headdesk*

3. I checked out the leaked Fringe pilot. I didn't love it for the same reasons I haven't been loving the last couple of Lost seasons: hundreds of questions are asked and none are answsered. The first half of the episode was rediculoudly boring (except for the guy's jaw falling off, that was just gross) and the second half was mostly Josh Jackson saying "you're crazy" while the other characters do crazy stuff with special effects.

4. I started watching The Tudors. I think it's pretty boring, but that's probably because I know nothing about that period or what's going on. I do love the beginning credits though. They're amazing and very probably my favourite beginning credits ever. Oh, and I'm rediculously head-over-heels in love with Natalie Dormer. I need her as my wallpaper.

5. I've been swept up in the awesomeness of icon_battle. If you haven't joined there yet, go do that right now. I've just been posting the next six pictures I was going to make icons out of, but in addition to that I (essentially) get requests for those same caps, you get to directly compare iconing styles with someone else, you can get to know your fellow iconmakers a little better and you get 6 other caps to work with that you theoretically wouldn't have otherwise! Also, it seems to bring out a competitive edge in me and inspires me to be more creative than I would otherwise. What's not to love?

Oh, and saeva, _rhea and I are participating in the very first 3-way-battle :D

6. I made lasagna for the very first time the other day. It was burnt, dripping with fat and unbelievably delicious.

7. I seem to have spontaneously started drinking coffee. I was repulsed by it until 4 days ago, when I randomly started drinking it religiously. Weird...

7. Have you guys heard of bravenet.com? Well, it's awesome. It's got tonnes of features, none of which I have had a chance to check out because I'm so entranced by the calendar feature. It's fantastic and everything I want in a calendar: it's easily customisable, it's visual and I can log online anywhere to view it, it's not stuck on my computer or my wall :P
Seriously, if you've ever had a tough time organising stuff/your life, I'd definitely check it out. My life has been in crazy shambles this last 3 months, but not so much anymore :D yay for that.

9. When organising my spiffy new calendar last night, I realised that I had an appointment at 10:00 this morning I'd totally forgotten about! And this wasn't just a random old eye checkup, this was important! Seriously, what are the odds that I would find that appointment slip less than 12 hours from the time of the appointment? Coincidence? I think not! This isn't the first time something like this has happened to me, either. This stuff happens all the time! But this is just another thing to put in my 'things that give me a reason to believe that the whole of existence is planned on an unbelievable level of perfection we can't even comprehend' list.

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fashion ; abrath

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okay, I just went to the shops to get some rice for dinner. The guy serving me, in all honesty, looked exactly like this:


I forgot every word in the English language. Luckily I still remembered some of my German from year 12 :P