July 26th, 2008

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1. I started watching Stargate Atlantis on Wednesday and I'm up to episode 6. I started watching it because harbourlight somehow convinced me to. Episode 1/2 was fantastic, but I haven't been nearly as impressed with the others. I have, however, been inspired to make icons by it (see: 5)

2. I finally finished off life on Mars. The finale was amazing! I can't wait for season 3! I told my family about how they say "those damn bastards!" a lot in their hilarious English accent and so now we've started saying it randomly just as a fun inside joke that, honestly, I think I'm the only one who really understands :P

3. I had an awesome day at work yesterday, possibly my best yet. All of my customers were really friendly and I got really ahead of my daily schedule that I ended up doing quite a bit of the work that the person whose shift was after mine would have to do. It was also my first shift with Christine, who it turns out is awesome!

Unfortnately the day before yesterday was probably the worst I've had yet. I was working with the guy who I was supposed to be replacing when I came along three months ago (he's looking for work and is sticking around for a little bit until he can find it) and he was bugging me about liking TV and was asking me a million questions about my life and stuff and then telling me what I thought about things were wrong and... ugh, it was infuriating. Also it was probably the least I've done of my daily routine in the last couple of months.

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6. Is sxc.hu loading for you guys, because it's not for me :( I'm desperate to get some scenery stocks for an awesome wall I've got in the making (better than the two in 4, I promise!) So feel incredibly free to share your awesome scenery stocks with me if you want to <3

7. I'm about to watch The Tudors, which will continue (and finish) my recent English TV obsession. I just found out that it has the girl from Burn Notice in it, which is awesome! Everything seems to be pushing me towards watching Tudors at the moment.