July 10th, 2008

fashion ; abrath

all for the glamour

I've been checking out the Doctor Who caps over at inadream_caps and they're so awesome and gigantic! I love just browsing the galleries :D I only wish there were caps from more season 1 and 3 episodes :(

Photobucket I love the cap, it looks like a photoshoot photo, but something seems kinda funky with my colouring and I can't pinpoint what I think is wrong.

I made these for r0ute666

Photobucket I love feel of this (thanks to sparkling_gold for the caps :D) I just wish I hadn't used such a soft blurry brush. I think if I'd used a hard round brush with no spacing it would've looked a lot better.

Photobucket I like the feel to this, too. It feels slick to me. :P

Photobucket as far as I'm concerned this pales in comparison to the other two.

I started watching Secret Diary of a Call Girl yesterday and I'm just about to finish. Billie looks so incredible, I love her. I wish I had gigantic caps from that. I also wish they didn't swear as much. Other than that I think it's fantastic :D
fashion ; abrath

just like rain

1. Ooh! Go check out soaked there are some crazy crazy awesome textures over there.

2. I finished Secret Diary of a Call Girl. I think I preferred it earlier on in the season when Belle had to explain everything to us. Now she doesn't have to do that quite so much anymore, and I've got to say that was my favourite bit, so I'm left feeling just a little sad. :(

Although Billie is rediculously glamerous. I see millions of SDoaCG icons in my future.

3. I'm now catching up on sytycd season 4. I don't know who leaves this week, so don't tell me. I wish I liked this season as much as I liked season 2 and 3. There isn't anybody in particular at the moment who I really really love. I kinda like the asian doll-ey girl and Joshua. They're my favourites and they seem to be getting a lot of awesome choreography, but the problem is that I loved everybody in season 3 a LOT (except Lacey who I hated with a passion). These guys have a lot to live up to, and it's sad because I don't think they can do it.

Oh, and Comfort and her new partner are others I like :D

Ohh! Ooh! And the quirky guy! He's fun :D a little two-dimentional though...

4. I made these icon variations just then cos I didn't want to post without anything for you to look at.

Photobucket I think I prefer this one, because it's got a little more contrast and saturation and oomph.

Photobucket I liked preferred this one while I was making it, because I felt it had subtlety and awesomeness, but now not so much.

5. I've changed my mind, I now love this one Photobucket

6. I'm making jelly because I'm hungry, but it's taking ages to cool down. I think I'll have it for breakfast tomorrow because I'm healthy that way. Mum bought this awesome jelly mould a while ago, so our jellies end up looking like
Unfortunately it's gigantic so we have to use three packets of jelly crystals to fill it up. And since we have lots of random flavours they always end up being a really awesome jelly cocktail.

7. For the reference, http://www.androzani.com/ is the equivalent of TWoP, but shorter and only with Who shows.

8. I'm up to chapter 13 in Twilight, so you've got two episodes of Doctor Who to watch sparkling_gold