May 16th, 2008

fashion ; abrath

I knew it!

I just finished ANTM cycle 10, and I knew Whitney would win. It was so painfully obvious. I'm not sure if I'm angry or happy. I liked Whitney, but I hate it when Tyra rigs ANTM (*crosses fingers* here's to hoping it doesn't happen again next cycle). I actually did think Whitney's covergirl photo was the best, but she continues to do that thing with her lips for a reason lord knows why.

I looked through Whitney's shoots and found that I only liked 50% of them, which it turns out is a good percentage. I thought Dominique did pretty well in her shoots, but I also only liked 50% of them. In fact, it seemed that it was rare for me to like more than 50% of a girls shoots.


Supernatural was good. It was creepy, it was fun, I didn't think it was incredible though, and I have been crazy about a couple of episodes this season. The Bella thing was weird, totally unnecessary and awkward. I look forward to the finale.


I slept for 13 hours last night. I was almost late for work. Work which sucked by the way. Yesterday work was awesome.


I found an amazing SCC manip made by the incredible elli, which coupled with a couple of old amazing manips made by uglybusiness inspired me to make this...

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I don't think mine is nearly as good as theirs, but I do like it. I intend to get better at manipulating people into situations, rather than faces onto heads. Dads birthday is tomorrow and he's a big Doctor Who fan, so I'm going to make him a Doctor Who manip, but I don't know how or what I'm going to do.