April 13th, 2008

fashion ; abrath

couple of walls

Hey all, this is me trying to make up for the lack of walls posted alongside chatty posts. I don't particularly love any of them, but I'm rewatching cycle 7 and I'm going crazy for Melrose :D
Oh, and my brother and I have a theory that Dominique will win cycle 10 because of the way she's edited. Whenever she has a fight or something big happens we see her in the confessional. I hate her, so I really hope we're wrong. But... if you go back and check, they did the exact same thing for Jaslene.


I have yet to submit an icon to firefly_rumble  this week, I'm feeling really uninspired, which sucks. I had an awesome-icon-making spree this week and submitted what I would consider possibly some of my best icons yet to just__buffy , so I really hope I win cos it's the best I can do. The challenge at icon_crack  is really awesome this week. I'm afraid to click on the random link generator, because I want to do it properly and -as mentioned earlier- I'm not feeling particularly inspired.


I reinstalled windows on my computer and all of my programs and stuff. I'm happy, because now everything isn't crashing all the time :)


Watched the last 3 episodes of himym. Loved them. It's getting better and better, I'm really impressed.

Watched the latest episode of The Office. Not nearly as impressed. It's good, but I feel it's getting worse and worse as the show progresses.

Saw Supernatural 3x03. Amazing. Absolutely amazing. I would consider that one of the best episodes of television... maybe :P

Up next: Doctor Who - 4x02 - The Fires of Pompeii