March 13th, 2008

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get creative

Good news everybody! I'm making a challenge community with Steph (aka. harbourlight )! I'm really really excited because this is something I've been wanting to do for a couple of months now. I proposed the idea to her this morning and it's gone down very well. We ironed out a couple of creases in my plan, or as she so eloquently put it "debat[ed] over every detail possible and chang[ed] our ideas and opinions constantly". :P

If you want more details on what the community is and how it'll work you can find that here in this link....

But I've just got to say I'm very proud with how this is turning out and I really hope everyone who reads this will at least attempt to participate, because (not wanting to toot my own horn... although perhaps a little) it really is an awesome idea. :)

I just finished my first draft for what I think the layout should look like, you can see that here...
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I haven't run this through with Steph yet, but I hope/think she'll like it/be able to make it.

Oh, and I think we're looking for another mod. So... roll up, roll up! Comment here and get considered! :P hmmm, nope, we're not!
fashion ; abrath

you know what?

I just realised I haven't got a resource post or anything eqivalent. :(

I wanted to make a sticky post, but I'm not sure if lj can do that or not...

Oh well, it's a little late, but as I find resources I shall put them here, in

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