January 29th, 2008

fashion ; abrath


Check back Saturday for an awesome wallpaper and a batch of what appears as if it's going to be over 50 textures. Also icons... I'm not entirely sure what they'll be though (feel free to request anything).


I'm sad. Nobody is talking to me in real life and on the internet. They're all saying that I'm too self-absorbed. I'm not going to change, but it's sad regardless.


I am legally allowed to drive a car. Have I mentioned how much that scared me. I passed the written test last week, filled out a couple of forms and handed them in today. Had my photo taken and a licence issued. I'm nearly certain I'm going to kill someone...


If you've never heard of 'Year of a Million Dreams' ad campaign I highly advise doing a search on Just Jared. Amazing amazing pictures. Also a search on hires_hotties will show you others. Really, they're just amazing amazing pictures. My favourite is Rachel Weisz portraying Snow White.
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    Bones season 1, it's growing on me