December 30th, 2007

fashion ; abrath


Dad found some presents under the Christmas tree for us he hadn't given to us... they were lollies. So... yay.

We just went and saw Enchanted. It was amazing, but now I can't find all of the pictures of Amy Adams I haven't been able to avoid for the last couple of months. :(
After the movie we had lunch at a pub, my mac'n'cheese was AWESOME! I didn't know it could taste that good! It had a variety of diffferent cheeses and such and it was very classy and not at all packagedey. Everybody else got a variation of fish and chips and mine was by far the best so they dipped their chips in my sauce remains.

Please comment if you've seen Enchanted. I need to talk to somebody about it!
fashion ; abrath


Do not under any circumstances watch the Family Guy 100th episode special in expectation of watching something good. It's terrible.

It's mostly a stinky clip show, but in between clips they've got the real live Seth MacFarlane giving everything a little extra comedic punch. Hmm... yeah, I don't really think he's as funny as he thinks he is. There's lots of acting like a Family Guy character, which is sort of okay when they're cartoons but that doesn't work quite as well in real life.

My overall opinion: terrible. Not so much a big fan of Seth's anymore, despite the fact that he also created the constantly-awesome American Dad.