December 29th, 2007

fashion ; abrath


Today I discovered Fable (The Lost Chapters). It's pretty cool and it's how I've been spending my time in the last 6 hours or so. It's pretty cool, but the morons over at gave it a better rating than Black and White 2. Nuh uh! There is no way that it's better!
but anyway, it is pretty good so I've been playing it.

Um... yep. I should be doing stuff productive towards getting me a job, but I feel like I'm on holidays. I should probably try and break that as soon as possible :(
fashion ; abrath


Watching the Doctor Who Christmas Special now. And just for fun, here are some thoughts I jotted down while I was watching it.

Loved the rockey beginning bit, gave me great hopes for the future of Doctor Who, considering I really didn't like the latest season.
It's not laugh-out-loud funny, but it's still funny. I'm not sure if I'm diappointed or impressed... inevitably my 4:30 am brain is going to give me a very distorted perception
Kylie is good. Now I've got a good reason to use those awesome HQs I found of her ages ago.
"Information: Kill" gets very tired after an hour or so.
The cyborg red thingy is fairly awesome.
They're just searching for the next Rose. Although apparently Billie Piper is one in a million.
YES!! Katherine Tate is back for season 4!! I think she could very well BE the next Rose. And the best part about that is that she is nothing like Rose in any way. "Why did you say miss? Do I look like I'm single?" Classic!