December 19th, 2007

fashion ; abrath


Nathan (that brother of mine) just woke me up by puring cold water down my neck. UGH! I mean, sure I did tell him to do it because I don't like to sleep in, but still!

I think The Sims 2 is losing some/all of it's appeal... I went on a holiday yesterday with a vampire and a friend and influenced the vampire to bite the friend. They both then stood around for the next 6 days in the sunlight doing absolutely nothing until they'd die... I'd plea for their "lives" and they'd come back to repeat the rediculous cycle.

I wonder when the next season of sytycd and antm will start. I think I read something about their air date being pushed forwards because of the strike?

I'm gonna watch the Dexter finale now. I have been loving it up until this point. Genius!