December 16th, 2007

fashion ; abrath

lord knows how I pulled this off...

So, people (and yes, I've come to accept that nobody other than Marie will ever read this) I come with love of the Writers Guild Strike. I am so glad it happened because not only does it  mean I can (hopefully) get more money in the future, but also it's giving me a new-TV break and is allowing me to expand my TV horizons.

One of those exciting new horizons is The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency. Seriously, you've got to watch it, even if only the Christmas Special, because it is HILARIOUS and oh so sexy
LINK!... I hope. I'm not too friendly with lj, quite yet

Another show I am shocked I hadn't discovered earlier is So You Think You Can Dance. It's got crazy fun dances and the people are really fun and it's a much smarter show than antm. I advise it to everyone, especially people who have no interest in dance such as myself. Oh, and don't waste your time with season 1... nothing happens and season 2 is when the awesome Heidi and Travis come on!

Now, my second bit of
excitement (or that that fourth? I've lost count...) is that after months and months of boasting about being able to remove watermarks from pictures, I've actually proven to myself that I can do it. Yes, I was all talk, but now I have finally proven myself and I have an awesome unwatermarked sytycd promo to prove it! So, just do a simple 'So You Think You Can Dance' search at and you will find the original picture...

And here's the link to the de-watermarked version....

And just for fun, here are a couple of wallpapers I've made lately!
(Oh, and apologies because I've just remembered I've got my screen settings set to very dull with no contrast or brightness whatsoever, so the pictures may or may not blind you.)

If you happen to know of a way for me to post the pictures as thumbnails, please let me know and if you want me to change the contrast/lightness for you, so that your eyes can handle the insanity just let me know.

I get a feeling I'm going to be doing a lot more livejournaling from now on, because my two best friends have just left for Queensland and I am currently both friendless, schoolless and workless. So, feel free to  leave a comment... whatever you have to say (constructive criticism on the wallpapers, a desperation for me to remove a horrible tag, a hello from Canada, etc.) I'm just so bored and lonely!

Ps. Jenah should've won.
fashion ; abrath


I haven't been watching Heroes all season so that I could have a marathon... I've just finished that marathon and wow.

I've been really unimpressed with Heroes ever since they save the cheerleader and hence the world, but these last four episodes (to be specific) have been really really good. I suspect that it may be yet another awesome side effect of the writers strike. I read somewhere that the strike would cause the last few episodes of each series to be bad because the writers wouldn't have had as much time to revise and edit the episodes, but if the opposite is happening then that leads me to suggest that the Heroes script editing is actually causing the episodes to be worse than they were in previous drafts. Unintentionally of course.

Also Kristen Bell is awesome.

Now all I need is just_katarin to upload HD screencaps!