December 6th, 2006

fashion ; abrath


Before I start ranting about the fantasticness of Dexter, does anybody know to EASILY upload my icons? For starters I've got all of them mushed together in a folder, and not sorted so I would feel terrible if I posted them all in a blob. Then I upload my pictures to Photobucket and then go to an icon table generator and put in all the links one by one separated by semicolons. LORDY!! It all just takes far too long, especially because I am likely to spend hours and hours guilty over the fact that I'm uploading uncategorised icons with bland colours!!

Okay, perhaps that was less that I thought I was going to say. Now, I've only actually seen 3 episodes of it yet, but Dexter is the BEST show I have seen in a long, long time! I may actually say that it is better than Doctor Who! I love Doctor Who! I also love The Inside, but I may like Dexter more than that! It certainly is amazin'. Now let me casually list all of aspects of the show I love
- Camera Angles! EEE!!
- Julie Benz! Darla!
- Terrible morals, please, he's a serial killer
- EXTREMELY HQ .avis, you can even see skin imperfections!
- Clever storylines

Honestly, I can't think of a bad thing to say about Dexter, you should find a way to watch all of the episodes all right now, because they're all awesome. So sayeth me after watching the 3rd episode...