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Everything you want, and then some

I've made a list of things I would like to make and contribute to this journal. I made a lot of the things, I just can't convince myself to upload it all...

Anyway, follow this here cut, and you will find gradients, actions, stocks, photos and wallpapers beyond your wildest imaginations! Be warned, you may have to read a little, though...

Stocks!! Well, actually they're just pictures of my room, but that doesn't mean you can't use them as stocks...

Wallpapers I made for my computer, several were resized, but whatever. Feel free to contact me if you want them bigger...

Now, you may have noticed that I've used some really large pictures there. "Where did you get these large pictures? I can only find ones HALF that size," you scream at me anxiously.
Well, today is your lucky day, for I am releasing all of my secret actions! HOORAH!
Although, this could very easily not be your lucky day if you don't happen to own Photoshop CS2

Now, let me explain what I use each action for!

SOME SMOOTHY THING: I can't explain it, but this looks good on HQ pictures

NOT QUITE THE BEST EVER: I made an action using PS 7, this is newer version, using new PS CS2 techniques, and doesn't look nearly as good...

GOOD SCREENCAP: I like what this does to movie screencaps, you'll have to check it out for yourself.

BAD SCREENCAP: Occasionally I run across REALLY terrible screencaps which are all blocky and terrible, so I use this on them.

PERFECTION IN A BOTTLE: I love this. All of it. I like using it on pictures of me and other people with repulsive skin, because it gets rid of ALL of the badness!! In order to get absolute perfection, Ctrl+Alt+Shift+E onto a new layer, and then use the Spot Healing brush tool to kill all other imperfections in the skin you want gone.

FADE 50%: That is exactly what it sounds like. Occasionally I blur something, and I think "this could be less blurred" so I go straight to this. I don't bother going to the fade button and finding 50%... too time wasteful!

FUN SMOOTH THING: Another one of those 'remove all skin imperfections' things

HILARIOUS SHARPEN: It makes things smooth... yumm... and occasionally sharpens...

DOUBLE SIZE: It doubles the size of the picture and keeps it looking pretty much the same... just bigger. Usually when you just resize, it gets stretched and blurry... with this it doesn't so much. I like to work with large pictures...

If you don't own PS CS2, this is still possible
1. Double size
2. Duplicate the layer, then facet and smart blur {Radius-3 Threshold-100 Quality-Low} 40% Opacity
3. Ctrl+Alt+Shift+E on a new layer. Median {Radius-3}
4. Get base picture layer, and duplicate it, bringing it to the top. Paint daubs {Brush Size-2 Sharpness-3} 50%

Oh, and look, I've made some gradients!!

Now, just so you know I made these using pictures from ( ) so I haven't actually tested them on any others...
"But... I just tested them on those pictures you gave me links to, and they turned out terribly!" you cry.

Well, that is because I used my new techniques for making pictures perfectly light!!
1. Make a black layer, and set it to 'colour'. Lookie, the whole picture is black and white. I do this so that when I am lightening I am not distracted by the purty colours
2. get the original picture and use levels. Move the right slider to the left, enough to make the whites white, and not excessively washed out. The middle slider moves slightly to the left, just enough to make everything generally lighter. Then move the left slider right so that the blacks are black, but not so much that the darkish bits become black.
3. Delete the black layer

HOORAH!! I've now shared everything I feel like... please comment if you're taking anything, or if you're considering taking anything. Just comment, regardless of what you have to say. lol
Tags: doctor who, heroes, resources, stocks, textures, walls

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