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Poor tosho didn't last too long. :(

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I have to admit, I haven't been loving the new Buffy comics, but if they have brought us nothing else it's these incredible cover pics. I mean, seriously, check out Faithy over there. I keep on thinking it's a photo of her instead of a drawing, it's nuts!

Now as a whole, I'm not entirely sure I love it yet because the colouring is seeming rather simple, but I'll probably post a remake when I do... maybe.


I have now watched Supernatural up to the first episode of season 3 and... wow! How was that for a finale. I can only imagine how the Dean stuff is all gonna work out because the season was cut short due to the strike. And... wow. I just can't wait for more!
I'm surprised I didn't have nightmares last night about being forced to be gluttenous and drinking chemicals and stuff. That scene was soo nightmare-inducing.

I am now reading the Futurama comics, which may as well just be new episodes they're so fun. Then... it's off to Reunion-ville :D


And once more, I implore you to request icons from me.
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