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that sure was some strike, wasn't it? I completely forgot and commented all day. Whoops! :P
Bravo to everyone who remembered.


I am SO bored. I want to photoshop but I don't know what to do. I made this...

Free Image Hosting at

... because my imitation vista broke and I needed a new layout. So my computer now looks like this...

Free Image Hosting at

... which I now like because it matches my lj colourscheme and stuff.


I hoped that getcreative  could have helped me... er... get creative. No luck on that so far. I haven't spoken with harbourlight  in a while and either nobody has entered our first challenge or I just can't see the screened entries even though I'm a mod... :(


In an attempt to find creativity I found iconrequests, which is pretty cool except people don't request all that often. So where else could I find icon requests? Oh, I know, of course, BuffyForums! Nup, not much going on there... EXCEPT I find one of my incredibly old signatures and dana_chosenart being awesome! Check it out here. She totally stuck up for me and my art and linked to my lj!

wow, what a broad :D


I've been watching Kid Nation lately. It is SO awesome. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if it turned out the kids were acted and the whole show was scripted, it is really well put together.

I've also been watching Boston Legal. I'm up to episode 15 and I LOVE it. It's got every single component that should make a fantastic TV show. Absolutely every one... except sexy young actors, which is a smidge disappointing.

And I'm also watching Supernatural. I'm up to Tall Tales and it is absolutely hilarious. I finally get why people love it. And I've finally seen the scene that this moodtheme picture is from :P


Does anybody know of a good icon requesting place? I want to make requested icons.

Oh! I know. How about you guys request something from me. Please do, I'm SO bored as mentioned earlier. Easter is sucking so far. :(
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