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my mistake

Whoops, I promised a while ago I would post a wallpaper with every post I made but the last couple of posts (however small) didn't have any. So, these are here to make up for it.

I got bored of Eliza on dads computer and we all know he likes DW, don't we.
Free Image Hosting at

I prefer the second one of these two, but the person I made them for prefers the first so I thought I'd post it anyway.
Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

Remember that "game" we were all going to play but nobody did? Well, I considered using this picture for it and then decided otherwise.
Free Image Hosting at

And here is my response to my challenge, even if nobody else could be bothered. It's my current wallpaper.
Free Image Hosting at


In other news, mum's letting me use her scanner now (she's overly protective of her computer stuff). So I looked through her old In Style magazines and found quite a few photoshoots I hadn't seen before. I can't really be bothered to scan them now, but I will eventually. A good incentive to keep me friended, eh? :P


Now, I finally figured out the answer to that puzzle I was freaking out over a couple weeks ago. The first of the two numbers (e.g. the '1' in 12) was determined by the numbers ascending along the top row starting from one obviously. And then second number (the '2' in 12) was the same, but using the left row ascending from the bottom.

Confused? Good, I would be disturbed if you weren't. It's something you pretty much have to pointed out to you in person. I can't believe how rediculously simple it is, though. Now I feel even worse about not figuring it out. I guess I'm just not a number-puzzle kind of guy.


Texture-wise, we now have 1,169 downloads. I doubt I'll be making any more any time soon. Because a) I've completely run out of textured surfaces and b) the camera is spazzing and refuses to take pictures for some reason.


And finally, TV-wise. I used up all of our bandwith downloading Friends, so this last month I've had to make do with those shows that I've been putting off watching.
  • I finished Friends. yay!
  • I watched Dirty Sexy Money and I like it, I am loving the cast.
  • I watched Six Feet Under season 1 and I'm a little shifty on whether or not I like it.
  • I'm currently watching Mad Men. I'm up to episode 4. It's pretty boring, but I love Rosmarie DeWitt cos she was on Standoff. Vincent Kartheiser disappoints me.
  • Next up: finishing Weeds season 3. I've been really hating it so far, but I want to round off my final season.
  • Then: Moonlight
  • Currently Downloading: Boston Legal, Dirt, Joey, The Class, Freaks and Geeks, Sport Night, The Others, Felicity, and several more. :D
Tags: angel, bostong legal, bsg, dirt, dirty sexy money, doctor who, felicity, freaks and geeks, friends, joey, mad men, moonlight, six feet under, sport night, textures, the class, the inside, the others, walls, weeds

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