Josh (blueymcphluey) wrote,

new userpic!

Yay! I made a new default userpic! It's Friends one if you can't tell... what do we all think?


So, texture download-wise I think we're doing fairly well...

the first post has recieved quite a boost from my link in the second batch and is now on on 319 (and still gradually rising)

whereas the second post has gone at an even rate since posted a day (or so?) ago and is now on 186, which is better than the first was doing at this point.

along with the recycled paper scans (my personal favourite) which are doing abismally, probably due to the lack of interest combined with the fact that the links appear to be breaking every 10 seconds that totals... 575!


now, if you're not a friend of hires_hotties, I'd at least join temporarily to check out these pictures...

link #1

link #2

unfortunatly my favourites of the series aren't there, but I'll link them to you asap
Tags: friends, icons, textures

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