Josh (blueymcphluey) wrote,

can you believe it? 297 downloads and they're STILL coming!

Yep, as promised here is my second batch of very large textures. You know what? I think this batch is better than the first. So if you didn't like that, at least give this one a try. I mean, with 70 textures, how can you go wrong? There's bound to be something you'll like in there.


*download link*

Okay, now guys. I really don't need comments (unless you want to say something particularly flattering :P ) because mediafire has this awesome feature which tells you how many times the file has been downloaded. All I ask is for more people to download this than last time. And yes, that will be hard because it has 297 downloads as of about a minute ago.

*link to previous texture post*
Tags: textures
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