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I haven't been doing much lately in my personal life except watching Friends, which I am loving to death right now. What is really good about it is
A) it's hilarious
B) I've still got eight and a half seasons left of awesome!


I made a wallpaper out of a horribly wrinkley Chandler and Lorelai picture from the Sundance festival thing. They looked so scary... it was like a joke. Luckily I know my way around a Photoshop so they're all pretty now :)


I'm going to post some icons today. I've got about a years worth of icons to post and I may as well post them.


Mum's boyfriend brought around his awesome digital camera so I was going to post some of the millions of textures/stocks I now have coming out my ears (and no, they won't be earwax textures... you're so gross).

Oh yeah, and apparently mum has a really great scanner because she scanned a couple of pieces of recycled paper and they came out looking AMAZING and gigantic. Trust me, you will not want to miss those!


I woke up this morning to Roxy (that cat of mine) on my bed. He doesn't usually do that, so it was fun.
Free Image Hosting at
(yes, there was a little Photoshop magic required to recreate the awesomeness of everything)


I can't see sinful_caesar's picture posts because I think something is either wrong with livejournal or my computer. Either way it sucks because I intended to do a lot of archive rummaging.
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