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2021 Resolutions

make oED user friendly - As promised, Jan was dedicated to this and I got most of the features done that I wanted to get done (I outlined some of them here). Of course as soon as I completed those things I realised further things that needed to be done - as always is the case. After making it I tried to teach some friends and family concepts using it and found that they weren't all that motivated so I'm putting it on the backburner to try and get some other projects under my belt that will hopefully inspire people to learn the skills that I have. When I get back into it I plan to make the barrier to entry even lower, such as allowing people to view the main site content without logging in, making tutorial videos explaining the functionality, and making it easier to add nodes and tests

write UBI funding article - Yet again, I said Feb would be dedicated to it and it was (and a chunk of July as well!) The article including interactive graphics is online here, and I wrote a bit about the graphics here.

all HD's - Can I do it again? Yes I can! Semester 1 was my best yet with 93, 94, 98, 99!! Second semester not as good with 91,92,93,87, but it's all good to me. I think doing uni from home helped a bit, it was nice to have more hours in my day without all of that travel.

master web scraping - July wasn't dedicated to this because I spent July wrapping up some last-minute issues with the oED site and Basic Income article before promoting them. I did do some web scraping for one of my courses and that was very satisfying, however when working on a personal project I realised that Google has barriers in their authentication that prevents google products from being scraped. This is concerning because this technique could be applied to other sites as well, which would make it not the all-powerful tool I was hoping it would be.

upgrade new tab screen - I did it! And again, I talked about it more here, but basically I did more than I even intended to at the beginning of last year.

automate plant watering - I haven't done this because I've been focusing on the other things, but this may very well pop back up in 2021. I'm considering making an self-watering system for my IoT final year project potentially.

repair and customise clothes - I tried spraying my shoe soles, but they just cracked when they stretched. I think what I need to do is get into mold-making so I can make my own shoe soles. I also repaired my bedsheet and quilt cover (as discussed here once again). I've been watching sewing youtube channels so I've got an idea of how I would make my clothes (kind of) and I've got some fabric on hand so maybe in Feb I'll be able to make a shirt and the pattern can be adjusted from there.

make murphy bed - I moved apartments so this isn't really appropriate right now in this place.

explore digital payments - I took an IT Security unit this year and from that I've learned that the best way forward is to use an API from a big well-known company like Google or PayPal and just follow their rules. There's nothing that needs to be reinvented here.

Now for the 2021 goals...

keep up gym routine - In my 2015/2016 resolutions I talked about how I wanted to workout, but then I realised that I wanted to prioritise other things. Well I've been studying for the last four years and I've worked out my brain and completely let my body go. I've just turned 30 and it's time for my body again. My main objective is to have a consistent level of input (I'm not too worried right now about output and setting goals) and to continuing even when things get crazy while studying.

get braces - I've just turned 30 and I'm in my final year of uni so if now isn't the time then it's never going to be the time. I predict that this will be annoying to work around (re: eating) but doable.

Basic Income support tool - I've reached the point with my programming where I have enough knowledge and code-snippets under my belt that I can make almost anything I can think of and I want to use that skill to build something to help Basic Income activists. Currently I'm thinking that is going to mean a chat app (that can send notifications to peoples email so that they don't need to check it, and it can be a nicer user interface than email), but we have a meeting this Saturday and I'm open to them changing my mind that something else is more important. I'm intending for this to be my Jan project.

get Blender workflow - I fell in love with Blender this year, it's so exciting how flexible and realistic it can be compared with drawing. However I think that the optimal workflow involves a combination of Blender and drawing. Things like making a 3d model and then using that as a source for a drawing to get appropriate proportions, or making a 3d object and then drawing on the 3d object within Blender. This is similar to how when I was interested in photography I wanted to blend it with drawing, but the advantage of 3d over photography is that it's not limited to things I'm physically nearby. I dabbled in Blender briefly, but I'm keen to improve both my drawing and 3d modelling skills in Feb. One of the things I'm particularly keen to make is a mountain landscape to use as a background for a new self-portrait that I can use for social media and promotional shots.

all HDs - Once again! And this is a particularly special year to get all HDs because I will be doing my final year projects for both my Engineering and Computer Science degrees so I should be working on some cool projects that I'm passionate about. I'm thinking for my Engineering final year project I want to work on a kitchen appliance that can dice things (like sweet potatoes) and for my IoT final year project I'm thinking a connected self-watering planter system. I'll probably need to come up with a physical prototype in the July holidays so I can focus on adding smarts to the system in Aug-Nov.

portfolio website - I'm graduating next year so now is the time to start showing off the things I've made. I've got a mental image of a site that is like scrolling through a rainforest that I can't get out of my head. I really want to have the plants respond as you scroll, so I'm intending to make a mockup of that functionality in July so that I can get a proper version of it finished in Nov.

Mini Goals - I'm hesitant to make these proper goals because the main goals are so big and leave so little time as it is, but I mainly want to record my current priorities and state of mind

big feed - I don't like all of the different social medias being in difference places so I want to make a single chronological feed that includes twitter, tumblr, instagram, instructables, etc into one feed using their APIs. Another option is that there could be something that keeps track of where I'm up to in each individual feed and then it gives me a bunch of individual profiles to check out each day.

note upgrade - I made a note-taking app this year (as discussed here) and after using it a little bit I already have some notes about how to make it better. After having used it all year I should have many thoughts about how to make it better.

make a shirt - I have the materials, I have some shirts that can be pulled apart to make a pattern, I have some sewing experience. It's time to just do it and see how it goes. Maybe well, maybe not well, it doesn't matter.

stepper motors - I feel like I've mastered the digital world and can will things into existence and it's time to take advantage of all of this physics and electronics knowledge I have and make something that interacts with the physical world. Stepper motors are the most important place to start because if I can't control motion then I can't do much in the physical world. Working on automated blinds seems like a really good place to start because it's a simple mechanism that would be useful.

mold-making - plastics are useful materials and mold-making seems like the way to control them. I'd like to make shoe soles and fake plants and other things.

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