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2020 Resolutions

continue tutoring all year long - not only has it continued, it expanded! With most families adding in extra hours tutoring siblings and a bit of programming as well.

all high distinctions - So close! I just missed out on one of them but out of a total of 9 subjects I got 8 high distinctions with Statistics just a couple of marks short. Looking over last years notes I dawned on me that now having done a total of 21 units of the course, I have 17 HDs.

learn something new every day - done I think? It's a bit too ambiguous. In the early holidays I was able to dedicate a block of time to doing this but that habit dropped in semester time and I wasn't able to pick it up. Although I don't think that really matters because I've been hammering away at projects and I think that going forwards the focus should be to focus more on projects because they naturally involve learning.

build life structure - success! ish! I had a great daily schedule for most of the year and about a month ago I even made a new tab screen that would help me keep my social media habits under control (and it's working!). The reason I say 'ish' is because over the last couple of weeks I've been feeling that being that strict with my schedule isn't actually helping me get the most out of each day. I'm conflicted because I've had other holidays where that was the exact opposite take away message. Not sure what to make of this yet.

Mini-goals for 2019:

get UBI site online - I'm pleased to say that this is finally online at not one but TWO different URLs (after a little bit of drama!)

talk to non-political people leading into the election - this was a failure, however I did talk to people after the election doing a little bit of UBI polling with the group

get wacom tablet working - so I bought a new tablet and I'm using it to take notes in lectures, however it doesn't currently have drawing capabilities yet so this is kind of a success but technically a failure.

storyboarding UBI animations - didn't get around to that in 2019, but I've got it scheduled for 2020.

connect website to database - done!

visualise node tree - done! and so satisfying to have something nice and online for people to see

fill database content - it will never be 100% complete but it doesn't feel wrong to mark this as 'done'.

get headphone signal redirected - not by my doing, but Google Chrome updated to accept wireless headphone controls for YouTube which is mainly what I wanted it for.

delay google assistant instructions - again not by my doing, but Google Clock updated to allow timers to trigger routines

Now for the 2020 goals...

make oED user friendly - The website is currently online but very confusing for people to stumble upon. The goal is to make it something I can just point people towards and they can figure it out. One part of this process is to migrate the code to Firebase so that there aren't any authentication issues, but mainly the resolution is about tweaking things around the edges of the user interface. Jan is dedicated to this.

write UBI funding article - I have an outline and in the outline I realised that the message could be said more clearly with some data visualisation. The intention is to finish the article and see if I can get some animations and data visualisations working. Feb is dedicated to this.

all HD's - can I do it again? I intend to be laser-focused on uni during uni time so hopefully! March, April, May, June, August, September and October are dedicated to this.

master web scraping - specifically I'd like to get the Coles product data and filter for specials and the kinds of products I use and how rarely they're on special and that kind of thing. More generally web scraping seems like a really useful skill to have. July is dedicated to this.

then Nov and Dec is likely to be up in the air because it's a long time away but here are some things I'm thinking:

upgrade new tab screen - as mentioned, I made a new tab screen to keep my social media under control. I've got a few things that could be improved currently (for example setting a timer so that social media time can't extend by just not closing the tabs) but I'm sure that after having used it for 10 months I'll have more improvements to be made.

automate plant watering - I bought a "self watering" plant pot which is basically just a big tub of water that the plants roots sit in and my basil plant is absolutely loving it (currently growing faster than I can eat it!) but I'd like something more scalable. I bought a solar powered water pump so I'm envisioning a system that gradually drips water through a pipe shared by all of the plants and when the sun is shining pumps back up to a raised water reservoir.

repair and customise clothes - I feel like it's wasteful to constantly buy new clothes so I'd like to get into repair (sewing torn shorts) and at the same time look into customising things to make them suit my aesthetic. I bought some clothes dye that could be used and have found a YouTube channel where someone sprays on different colours to sneaker soles but there's room for experimentation.

make murphy bed - I have a very rough design from one of my first year units, but in the first semester of 2020 I'm taking Dynamics 2 and Computer Aided Engineering, which should give me the skills to take the design to the next level. Combined with the fact that through the Tinkerers Guild I have access to a local maker space, I think it's time to make something bigger and bolder in the wood shop than a bin and a computer screen stand.

explore digital payments - one of my future goals is to have a website where people can set up a "groupon" kind of thing, but for anything (not just cruises). However I'm currently very uneasy about doing anything involving money because the stakes are so much higher than they are with any other project. I've seen bits and pieces about Google Pay making it quite easy to do things securely but a lot more exploration needs to be done.
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