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2019 Resolutions

pass every class - Well I got into the Robotics Engineering/Computer Science double degree and not only have I passed every class but I've been getting incredible results. Out of 12 completed subjects this year, I got 9 High Distinctions and this most recent semester has been the best yet with all four HD's and grades in the 90's.

make inventions - Of the two holidays this year the first one didn't have nearly as much time as I thought it would because I lost my job and apartment at the same time and most of that holiday was spent dealing with the aftermath of that. It all worked out in the end because we moved to a better apartment and I was able to use my new mathematics skills to (relatively easily) pick up math tutoring work.

In the second holiday of the year I've held a projects group with fellow students which I was hoping would motivate me more but so far we've not done much so I'm left to my own devices. Despite having all of the time in the world I've had a bit of a hard time focusing. It's a difficult problem that I honestly don't know how to get to the root of myself so I'm planning to see a psychologist who will hopefully help me work through it.

campaign actively for Basic Income - I think quite successful! I think I had some influence in shifting the GetUp platform towards Newstart payments. I designed a new meetup brand aesthetic and used that to make new flyers, business cards and a website. I also continued my networking and had two articles published (here) and (here).

Now for the 2019 goals...

continue tutoring all year long - I think this should be relatively easy? The families I work with all seem fairly content with my work so far. It's hard to gauge but none of them seem too keen to get rid of me. But even if they do, it was quite simple to put up flyers in supermarkets and get people that way so I feel good about doing that again if these people abandon me. My grades are my selling point to new people and as long as they stay good, I'm sure I'll have people interested in tutoring. Which brings me to my next goal:

all high distinctions - I've done it once. I think I can do it again. I've got 9 subjects this year, can I do it 9 times over? This past year I've just put everything (other than tutoring) on hold while I studied and I'll do that again. That means all other goals are restricted to the four months of the year I'm not studying.

learn something new every day - Seems like a big one, but I think I mostly already do this. I just want to do it a bit more actively. During semester time it will be easy because I'll be leaning through uni, but outside of semester time I want to have a habit of watching an educational video or reading a chapter of an educational book.

build life structure - I thought that the reason I wasn't able to make progress on my goals was because I was busy, but I explicitly put aside time in which I wasn't busy and I feel like I've barely moved the needle. I need to build a structure in my life to break through the noise. Then the next question is: break through the noise to do what? Well it all falls under the same "do UBI stuff" and "make inventions" banner from this past year, but I'm going to try something a bit different this time...

I read this article recently that suggested instead of doing big (and seemingly unachievable) new years resolutions that you should break them into smaller steps. That's what I generally try to do each year, but I thought that I would formalise it here. Of course this is all subject to change because smaller things are going to be much more flexible than the larger goals.

Mini-goals for 2019:

get UBI site online - It's made, just have to figure out how to get GitHub to host it the way our old site is hosted.

talk to non-political people leading into the election - hopefully as part of our GetUp actions, I really want to get out there and see what people think and perhaps guide them in a better direction if appropriate. One of the mind-boggling things about Australian politics is how switched off an unaware so many people are.

get wacom tablet working - I have an old one from 2011 and it works but it can't read its pen. I could just buy a new one but it feels wasteful.

storyboarding UBI animations - now that the website is looking good, it's time to move on to filling it with better content. I think the most important thing is to make some animations that quickly explain each of the topics. There is content on the site that says it already, but an animation would be even more accessible.

connect website to database - for education site to have a search bar tool that I have more control over and then get the node information for the education tree site.

visualise node tree - for education site. The website I built a few years ago broke as the language I was using updated so a lot of the pieces I have to remake from scratch but the node tree component should theoretically be the same code (or similar).

fill database content - for education site. I've already started to do it and as tutoring continues I should be able to integrate that into my tutoring process.

get headphone signal redirected - I found an amazing tool this year called AutoHotKey which allows you to automate processes on your computer and redirect keys. I'd like to use it to redirect the keys on my bluetooth headset, which can already control some programs on my computer, but I'd like to intercept it so I can control more while away from the computer.

delay google assistant instructions - I bought a smart switch recently and it's very cool but I find more restrictive than I want it to be. I really want to be able to control things remotely on a timer or a schedule.
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